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Fundermax Phenolic Table Tops - Black | 3/4" & 1" Options

Fundermax Phenolic Table Tops - Black | 3/4" & 1" Options

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Fundermax Lab Grade Phenolic Table Tops, available in a sleek black finish. These tabletops are offered in a variety of sizes and two thicknesses to cater to your specific needs.

Key Features:

  • Robust Build: Phenolic material ensures durability and resistance to harsh chemicals.

  • Weight Options: Available in several dimensions with respective weights accommodating the needs of diverse lab setups.

  • Lead Times: Efficient delivery with lead times varying based on quantity—1 week for 10 or fewer, 2 weeks for more than 10.

  • Price varies per size.

Fundermax Tops  

  • 3/4"x30"x48" - 57lbs ea.
  • 3/4""x30"x60" - 72lbs ea.
  • 3/4"x30"x72" - 86lbs ea.
  • 1"x30"x48" - 72lbs ea.
  • 1"x30"x60" - 90lbs ea.
  • 1"x30"x72" - 108lbs ea.