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WaterSaver EW1022: ANSI-Compliant Eyewash & Drench Hose

WaterSaver EW1022: ANSI-Compliant Eyewash & Drench Hose

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Introducing the WaterSaver EW1022, a versatile deck-mounted Eyewash and Drench Hose unit from SSI Surfaces, designed with safety and compliance at its core. Engineered to meet the rigorous provisions of ANSI Z358.1-2014, this dual-purpose unit offers the flexibility needed in emergency situations.

Eyewash / Drench Hose Unit, Deck Mounted

Features at a Glance:

  • Dual Functionality: Can be used as a fixed eyewash station or as a handheld drench hose, providing comprehensive safety solutions for eyes, face, and body.

  • Spray Head Assembly: Equipped with two GS-Plus™ spray heads with dust
    covers, flow control, and filters to remove impurities, ensuring a clean water flow.

  • Durable Valve: Features a forged brass squeeze valve with a stainless steel seat and a locking clip for hands-free operation, enhancing usability and safety.

  • Reinforced Hose: Comes with an 8’ reinforced PVC hose, capable of withstanding a maximum working pressure of 275 PSI.

  • Easy Mounting: Deck flange ensures stable countertop mounting, with a guide for correct positioning of spray heads and handle.

  • Backflow Prevention: (For EW1022BP model) Includes an in-line dual check backflow preventer, ASSE 1024 Listed, to maintain water purity and prevent contamination.

  • Compliance and Safety: Each unit is shipped with an ANSI-compliant identification sign and is fully assembled and water tested for quality assurance.

The WaterSaver EW1022 is not just a piece of safety equipment; it's a commitment to the well-being of your team and compliance with safety standards. Ideal for laboratories, workshops, and any environment where safety is a priority, the EW1022 ensures peace of mind in emergency situations.