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WaterSaver L2880-132SWSA: Gas Needle Valve

WaterSaver L2880-132SWSA: Gas Needle Valve

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Introducing the WaterSaver L2880-132SWSA, a precision-engineered needle valve from SSI Surfaces, tailored for the meticulous regulation of laboratory gases. Its polished chrome finish not only adds a sleek look to your lab setup but also signifies its robustness and longevity.

Needle Valve, Deck Mounted, Polished Chrome Finish.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Application: Designed for the flow regulation of a wide range of laboratory gases, including but not limited to nitrogen, oxygen, helium, and hydrogen. This valve supports pure gas service, ensuring your lab work's accuracy and safety.

  • Specialized Service Ready: Upon request, the valve can be specially cleaned, lubricated, and packaged for pure gas service, boasting certification for natural gas service by CSA International.

  • Durable Construction: Features a deck-mounted turret base with a single outlet, and a straight pattern forged brass body for maximum durability.

  • Precision Control: Incorporates a floating stainless steel needle and replaceable stainless steel seat, ensuring precise control and longevity.

  • User-Friendly Design: Equipped with a forged brass four-arm handle and a color-coded index disc for easy identification and operation.

  • Easy Installation: Comes with a 3/8″ IPS mounting shank, locknut, and washer for straightforward installation, alongside a 3/8″ NPT male inlet and a 3/8″ NPT female outlet with a removable ten serration hose end.

Fully assembled and factory-tested for quality assurance, the WaterSaver L2880-132SWSA Needle Valve is your lab's solution for safe and precise gas management. Rely on SSI Surfaces for cutting-edge laboratory equipment that combines functionality with safety and aesthetics.